Alex Nickmann

music | sound art | electronics

Aukai works:

Cloudline acoustic version ( rehearsal) in South France ( family vacations )

Aukai single release "Cloudline":

Ronrocco by Markus Sieber || Fender Rhodes, Glockenspiel, Synths & Drum programming by Alex Nickmann

Picasso - working on a new track in South of France (summer 2017)

from the Aukai Album:

Ronroco by Markus Sieber || Fender Rhodes, Synths & Drums by Alex Nickmann

  • feather is part of the piano day ( founded by Nils Frahm) playlist 2016

Ronroco: Markus Sieber || Fender Rhodes & Piano: Alex Nickmann, Violin: Bogdan Djukic, Piano & Wurlitzer: Jamshied Sharifi

  • electronic music || instruments: piano, vibraphone, synthesizer, computer, more @ sound cloud

  • experts of Cuts and Lines - electronic music EP

  • "Sharpa" electronic music duo with Philipp Danzeisen - webpage and music examples here


  • Video for the track "Sky"

  • electronic music & jitter visuals | myself dancing and moving jitter elements

  • experimental electronic music for the dance video installation Birchwood Edge Algorithm

        Dance/ Choreography/ Concept: Raffaela Galdi Camera/ Concept: Carlos Bustamante

        two examples of five videos - full work click here