Alex Nickmann

music | sound art | electronics

selected work - full click here

  • Treibgut , Five-channel sound installation, using the reflecting quality of its vaulted ceiling, old morgue of Charity Berlin
  • The installation "Stadtraum" describes acoustically a way. With puls signals an
    distance and space is auditivly generated that our visual
    sense vanishes. An sound installation for 29 loud speakers on the facades of 5-17 Crellestraße Berlin, CRELLEKLANG
  • Raum 314 installation for eight channels at the historic water reservoir in Prenzlauer Berg Berlin, Hörgalerie Singuhr Berlin 2008
  • hoerfeld 1 five channel sound installation for a rotating cylinder and one chair (transducer). CTM Berlin 2010
  • Trans_Formationen a seven channel installation for transducer and loudspeaker, at the terrace of „Haus der Kulturen der Welt“ Berlin 2009, 20th anniversy celebration of HKW